A Vintage Advertisement…Toas-Tite Style

So of course…advertisements and literature and a part of history.  And of course, Toas-Tite advertisements and literature are a part of Toas-Tite history!  We were lucky enough to get our very first ToasTiteRecipes.com comment from Larry Morris.  He came across an ad a while back and emailed us a picture.  Without further ado….here is a fantastic vintage Toas-Tite ad:


The text is a little on the small side but Boy and I did our best trying to decipher it.  Here’s what we think it (more or less) says:

Toas-Tite Pudgy Pies – Toast in a jiffy

Another thing you’ll like about pudgy pies is that they’re so easy to make, and there are no pots, pans and dishes to clean up afterwards. Make them anywhere, over any kind of fire. Dad can show off his skill on his out door fireplace. The youngsters will go for pudgies made over the picnic fire.

For the real cook of the family, pudgie pies are first aid in stretching the food budget. They make appetizing use of leftovers that might otherwise be wasted. A spoonful of cold stew, or a dab of creamed chicken or fish is transformed into savory “chef’s specials” for the children’s lunch. If there isn’t enough of one kind to go around, serve everyone a different pudgy pie surprise!


  • Open your Toas Tite and cover one side with a slice of bread, well exposed and slightly over the edge, all around.
  • [something something] with a bit of the surplus edge, so the filling won’t leak through and [something something]
  • [another something something]
  • Toast each side about half a minute over the fire.  Toasting time depends on how….

The directions are where things get a little fuzzy.  Can anyone else make out what they say?  They definitely don’t say “something something.”

by Boy and Girl


Categories: General Toas-Titeness


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2 Comments on “A Vintage Advertisement…Toas-Tite Style”

  1. September 10, 2009 at 2:57 pm #

    I just posted about toas-tites on my blog, http://www.unconfidentialcook.com, and someone found yours! LOVE it!

    • Girl
      September 11, 2009 at 11:19 pm #

      Thanks for checking out toastiterecipes.com! We’ll definitely have to try out your recipe. 🙂

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