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Replica Products: Now producing Toas-Tite replicas

Now, thanks to Replica Products, you can get yourself a brand new Toas-Tite replica. In April, we got an email from Ron Feigenbaum who with his wife Jan, her sister Sue, and husband Rich had embarked on a journey to start production of the classic 1949 Toas-Tite.  The replica is produced to the original specs, […]

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eBay auction alert: Boy Scout Toas-Tite from TX

There are some fairly rare variations of the Toas-Tite out there.  One is the Boy Scout branded version.  It’s slightly smaller than the standard Toas-Tite and has the Boy Scout crest on it.  And this week, one went up on eBay for sale.  There’s only one picture for the product but it looks to be […]

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Tid-Bit listing on eBay!

So it’s not our eBay listing…and we’re not affiliated with the seller.  But!  As I shared in our collection post and as you may have gathered since we have a blog dedicated to the Toas-Tite…I have a bit of a Toas-Tite passion.  That passion leads me to pay very close attention to the Toas-Tite related […]

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