Spooky Toas-Tites: Reese’s Candy Filled

Disclaimer: We started this blog post a few days after Halloween…now, we find ourselves finishing it…a few days after Christmas.  Sorry about that!

Boy and I started seeing each other shortly before Halloween 2008.  One year later, we decided to have a quiet evening at Boy’s house handing out candy to little neighborhood hooligans and making Toas-Tites.  To celebrate the holiday of ghouls and goblins (and lots and lots of candy), we decided to make a Reese’s candy filled Toas-Tite (it was either that or something with Air Heads…which might have been a big weird gummy mess).  So with Boy dressed up as a karate kid/ninja/Jedi type guy and me dressed up in a pink bunny hat my mom made for me when I was 4, we got started.


2 slices of white bread

Unsalted butter

2 Reese’s candies (unwrapped)


  1. Halloween Reese's Toas-TiteButter one side of each of your slices of bread
  2. On your Toas-Tite sandwich grill, place one of your pieces of bread with the buttered side down
  3. On top of that piece of bread, place your two Reese’s candies (tops together in the middle of the sandwich)
  4. Place the other piece of bread on top of the Reese’s with the buttered side up
  5. Clamp the Toas-Tite sandwich grill closed and remove the extra bread
  6. Place over low heat to get the most out of melting your candy without over toasting the bread
  7. Remove from heat and enjoy!


Halloween Toas-TiteThe Reese’s Toas-Tite definitely was chock full of Halloween candy goodness.  However, one thing to keep in mind is that Reese’s are designed to sit on a shelf without refrigeration…and not to melt in the packaging.  That also means that out of the packaging they still lack a certain meltiness one desires in a Toas-Tite.

Eating this Toas-Tite sandwich, you certainly don’t forget your eating Reese’s.  But the beauty of the melted Toas-Tite filling is lost a bit.

For a close (and some might say better) approximation, try it with Nutella (or chocolate chips) and straight peanut butter.  You’ll get more melting out of the peanut butter than with Reese’s candy.


Not a total winner, but definitely a Halloweeny treat.  And it always tastes better when you’re in a costume.

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2 Comments on “Spooky Toas-Tites: Reese’s Candy Filled”

  1. Deloris
    January 22, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

    I know a man who is doing research on toas-tites(I always knew them as hobo pies)and he is looking for someone who actually worked @ the toas-tite factory. I live in canton, ohio & the factory was in Cinci, Ohio. What is your fascination with them? Do you know of anyone who can give him some info???

    Anything would help.

    • Girl
      January 25, 2010 at 9:30 pm #

      We just love Toas-Tites! For the pure, sweet joy of cooking and eating them. 🙂 Boy grew up eating them and introduced them to me…and we’re maybe two generations younger than anyone who worked there so unfortunately, I can’t steer you in the right direction. What kind of research is this gentlemen doing? We love learning about all things Toas-Tite related.

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