Tid-Bit listing on eBay!

So it’s not our eBay listing…and we’re not affiliated with the seller.  But!  As I shared in our collection post and as you may have gathered since we have a blog dedicated to the Toas-Tite…I have a bit of a Toas-Tite passion.  That passion leads me to pay very close attention to the Toas-Tite related auctions on eBay.  And this one caught my eye.


Right now, only one bid has been submitted so the price is still just $6.99.  And…it’s a Tid-Bit!  They’re a bit harder to come by than the standard Toas-Tite grill so it’s good to get in on the action when you can.


The Tid-Bit is a fun Toas-Tite to add to any collection.  It’s a bit trickier to use than the standard Toas-Tite grill because of the division.  You have to be careful not to have the heat too high because the bread gets very thin in the dividing lines and can burn.  We’ll be posting a recipe in the not too distant future with a few more tips, but if you’re in the market…just a friendly heads up!


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