A Caramel Apple (Toas-Tite) A Day

Bobbing for apples.  Apple cider.  Caramel apples.  All fabulous, fall (and particularly Halloween) activities.  This last weekend, Boy and I got out of the house and out to the country to pick some apples.  We went to Gabriel Farm in Sebastopol and ended up coming home with 15 pounds of apples, and believe you me, we could have picked for hours more.

Apple picking for Toas-Tites

To celebrate the coming of fall and the approaching All Hallow’s Eve, we decided to kick off the season with a caramel apple Toas-Tite.  Warm and delicious, the melting of the caramel blending with the sweetness and crunch of the apple is exactly what I want on a crisp autumn evening.  In a Toas-Tite, you can enjoy everything wonderful about a caramel apple, without the mess of eating one off a stick.  Not to mention, the Toas-Tite version of a caramel apple teeters on the edge of apple pie – what could be better than that?


  • 1/4 of an apple chopped into medium sized pieces
  • 2 caramels (we used Bequet caramels)
  • 2 slices of bread (white or honey wheat are great options – we used honey wheat as it has a bit of sweetness in and of itself)
  • Butter
  1. Start by taking a rolling pin to your bread.  For this Toas-Tite, having a dense but thin bread will give you a nice crust as well as keep your melted caramel safely inside your grill.
  2. Butter one side of piece of bread and place the buttered side down into the Toas-Tite grill.
  3. In one clam shell, place your chopped apple as well as your caramels, cut into several pieces.  Cutting up your caramels will ensure that they melt evenly around your apples.

  1. Close your grill and trim the excess bread.
  2. Toast over low to medium-low heat for 5 to 8 minutes, depending on how cooked you like your apples.
  3. When your sandwich is toasted to your liking, remove from the Toas-Tite grill and let cool.  The caramel will be very hot so be careful when you take your first bite.  You may also want to eat over a plate so that you can sop up any caramel that drips.
Notes from the Kitchen
This one is absolutely delicious.  It’s really a bite of fall.  We recommend using high quality caramels for this one as they’ll melt well and they balance any tartness in your apple without being overly sugary.
Boy said this may just be his favorite sweet Toas-Tite we’ve ever made.  I have a feeling plenty of our 15 pounds of apples will find their way to the center of a caramel apple Toas-Tite.

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