A new addition to our Toas-Tite family brings an extra surprise

Well, Boy and I have had another addition to our Toas-Tite family.  We have yet to catalog all our Toas-Tites and write up a little piece about where they came from (although most came from eBay), but that will follow shortly.

We got our ninth Toas-Tite two weeks ago.  (Really, it was number 10 but number 8 went to Boy’s sister for a belated birthday present.)

An exciting surprise with this new Toas-Tite was a photocopy of the original Toas-Tite instruction manual.  It’s got quite a bit of information on it – some we guessed at from our personal Toas-Tite use, but there is some other stuff that surprised us!  For example, Bar-B-Buns actually does recommend pre-heating the Toas-Tite.  I might not do it…just because I get nervous about Toas-Tited finger tips…but they say you can!

In any case, there are folks who charge for just a photocopy of this Toas-Tite booklet because it’s “rare” but our kind eBay seller included it in the package.  And so now…for your viewing pleasure, we’d like to share it with all of you.

Toas-Tite Original Instruction Booklet (Side 1)

Toas-Tite Original Instruction Booklet (Side 2)

For the full text-only transcript, check out our new page dedicated to the Toas-Tite Original Instruction Booklet.

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