The true story of Toas-Tite Recipes Gear

boy-in-toas-tite-hoodie“What in the bedazzler is the deal with the ToasTiteRecipes Gear page?” Have you asked yourself that question yet? Well…in case you have, I thought I’d share a little. One night, Boy and I were hanging around at home talking about Toas-Tites. Yes, it was a hot Saturday night. šŸ˜‰ In any case, we decided…we wanted Toas-Tite Recipes hoodies. Why a hoodie? Because just like Toas-Tites, they’re warm and fabulous. [Note: the real reason is just because it’s getting to be chilly out and Boy lost his favorite zip up about 5 months ago – although happy news on that front, we found it in the front section of a suit case last week. Hoorah!]

But back to the tale of the Toas-Tite hoodie…

We thought, “How could we make this happen? How could we make Toas-Tite hoodies? We really just need two.” Luckily, there’s a little company called Zazzle. For those of you who haven’t heard of Zazzle, it’s a pretty cool online service where you can import designs and have them put on a whole variety of stuff: t-shirts, baseball caps, mugs, baby clothes. You name it. And of course, you can take a design and put it on a hoodie.

I’m a little bit of a PhotoShop fan, so I took the photograph of our pristine Toas-Tite (the one which makes our logo at the top of the blog) and turned it into something more along the lines of graphic art. I spent quite a few hours over the course of a few days trying to get it perfect. Yes, I’m that much of a silly Toas-Tite-loving goose.

Finally, Boy and I went onto Zazzle, found the hoodies we wanted, and got it all organized. We only ordered one, in case it was terrible (I tried to set my expectations low).

One fateful day, shortly thereafter a package arrived at Boy’s house. It was the hoodie! I was at work but Boy texted me that it had arrived. Of course, I told him to open it immediately and not wait for me. And of course…to send me photos of how it looked.

girl-in-toas-tite-hoodieWell, it wasn’t bad at all! In fact, it was pretty sweet. Not to mention, it was really fun to make it (or design it anyway). That’s when I had the strange urge to put the image of a Toas-Tite on everything. Toas-Tite messenger bag….Toas-Tite apron….Toas-Tite t-shirt. A whole wardrobe of Toas-Tites! Well, we haven’t quite gotten as far as that, but we did set up some aprons and a t-shirt.

Amazingly enough, we’ve made one whole sale to someone besides me or Boy (which is more than we expected). Of course, the sale was to Boy’s father…but that counts too! He got the first Toas-Tite shirt in the WORLD! At least that we know of, anyway.

And if you’re interested in showing off your love for the Toas-Tite with something wearable (other than a smile), you can get stuff too from our little Toas Tite Recipes Store on Zazzle. No pressure of course! And if you don’t see something there that tickles your fancy, just drop us a line of what you’d like to see Toas-Tite graphic art on and we’ll see what we can do. Boy’s sister has even inquired about a Toas-Tite bag…in the shape of a Toas-Tite. I don’t think that one will be as easy to pull off but we’ll keep our eyes open.

by Girl

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