Top Toas-Tite: Feeling Crabby

For our third Improv Toas-Tite, we had the words warm, seafood, and blue.  Blue is a tough one.  There aren’t really that many blue foods.  Sure, there are blueberries…blue corn chips…needless to say, strictly “blue” didn’t leave us that many options.  Toas-Tites are also naturally warm.  So that wasn’t terribly tricky.  But now seafood…we couldn’t do salmon since we already did it.  But what seafood would hold up well in a Toas-Tite and go with something blue?

To combine the two, we decided on blue crab.  Yes, we did take some liberties with the definition of blue.  But given that we’re the contestants and the judges, I think that’s okay.  So without further ado, here’s our recipe for a Blue Crab Salad Toas-Tite.


  • 1 c. cooked blue crab meat
  • 1/2 c. diced celery
  • 2 Tbsp. diced red onion
  • 1.5 Tbsp. mayonnaise
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 slices of bread
  • Butter


  1. Mix the crab, celery, red onion, mayo, salt and pepper to make your crab salad.  If you’re in the mood, you can always throw in some bell pepper or some avocado.
  2. Butter one side of each slice of bread.
  3. Place the bread into the Toas-Tite – buttered side toward the iron.
  4. Dollop a goodly amount of your crab salad into the center of one slice of bread.
  5. Close the Toas-Tite and trim the extra bread.
  6. Toast away!


To be honest, my favorite way to eat crab is straight from the shell, cooked and maybe with just a little butter.  Crab salad almost seems like a waste to me.  That said, this was not a bad Toas-Tite by any means.  It definitely lacked something in the “blue” department so it probably wouldn’t win any Top Chef Improv Awards.  I think if I had to choose just one “creature of the sea” Toas-Tite, I’d probably take a smoked salmon salad one myself.  But…if you’re a fan of crab salad, this one is for you.

by Girl

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