Amanda’s deluxe model Toas-Tite, with original box!

66 years ago, Bar-B-Buns received the patent for their Toas-Tite maker. They produced a variety of models in Cincinnati, OH. Boy and I own more Toas-Tites than I care to admit and I’m still amazed when we get emails from other Toas-Tite owners who have some Toas-Tite goodness I’ve never seen before.

Amanda is no exception. While we do own a deluxe Toas-Tite, we had no idea the “De Luxe Model” had such a different box than the standard model. Enjoy these amazing photos from Amanda! And check out the price tag…$2!

Box text:


Toas-Tite Pudgy Pie-Sandwich Maker

makes plump round Toasted Sandwiches and Individual Pies with a Sealed Drip-Proof Edge

Toasts in a jiffy on the kitchen stove

Use Toas-Tite over the picnic fire, hearth fire, grill or hot-place

For quick lunches, midnight snacks, parties

Manufactured by Bar-B-Buns, Inc.

Cincinnati 12, Ohio

Pamphlet text:

Now you can make Pudgy Pie Sandwiches

America’s New Food Rave

Use just bread, filling, and the Toas-TIte Pudgy Pie Sandwich Toaster


Do Not […] Toaster

[…] Intense Heat When Empty

See recipe folder […] and preheating instructions.

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One Comment on “Amanda’s deluxe model Toas-Tite, with original box!”

  1. April 19, 2015 at 2:45 am #

    Thanks for the update. Always nice to hear from you

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