Brad G’s electric Toas-Tite

Over the years, Boy and I have heard from various folks who are lucky enough to own one of the very rare electric Toas-Tite makers. Brad G. from Illinois is one of those fortunate few. He was kind enough to send us some pictures of his unit and lots of fun details on how it works.

Check it out and drool just like we did!

Here’s what Brad says about his electric sandwich-making wonder:

So here’s the deal with the Electric Unit:

It works freaking great!  =)

I had to work with one of the dials, but, once I got it right, it takes literally less than 2 minutes to make a Toas-Tite!

I see how a restaurant could make easy money off this one appliance!

Basically, I turn the unit on and close the, lets call them “presses” to heat up…

Once a green light goes on, I open the presses, place my square sandwich on bottom press & close it…

Within the first few seconds the outside crust falls into the plastic tray below, its kinda cool because it happens in, errrrr, medium motion (Not slow, but not fast)

Literally 2 minutes later the green light comes back on and the Toas-Tite is perfect!


I am friends with a very big bakery out here in the midwest….

They hooked me up with a “commercial appliance” repairman who works with both modern and vintage “commercial” appliances…

He had never heard of an electric Toas-Tite NOR a toas-tite at all

But he was extremely intrigued when I showed him images…

Right now, he is finding out the polish I need to use to clean up the cast aluminum presses to make it shine again…

Next, we are going to pick out a new color to powder coat it (We are considering Tiffany Blue)

This guy wants to take the unit apart, clean all the pieces and knobs and, if necessary, refurbish or replace the heating elements..

Basically, he’s saying that, after he gets through with it, I should get another good 50 plus years of use  =)

Color me jealous, Brad. And thanks so much for sharing your pictures and details!

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One Comment on “Brad G’s electric Toas-Tite”

  1. Thomas Schwab
    April 10, 2015 at 12:26 pm #

    These units are rare. I am a retired machine Shop owner, We built custom machines for companys. Would like to talk with Brad to find out some details on his Toast tite machine. I would like to make one.

    Tom S.

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