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Sweet and/or dessert Toas-tite recipes.

One Rockin’ Dirty, Muddy Buddy Toas-Tite

Today, Boy and I were in a race.  Yes, that’s right.  A race.  Now, it wasn’t a marathon.  It wasn’t a triathlon.  It was a Muddy Buddy.  It was just over 6 miles of running and biking with a variety of intense obstacles in between.  And by intense, I mean…they involved climbing over walls, climbing […]

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Apple picking for Toas-Tites

A Caramel Apple (Toas-Tite) A Day

Bobbing for apples.  Apple cider.  Caramel apples.  All fabulous, fall (and particularly Halloween) activities.  This last weekend, Boy and I got out of the house and out to the country to pick some apples.  We went to Gabriel Farm in Sebastopol and ended up coming home with 15 pounds of apples, and believe you me, […]

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Happy Birthday To…as-Tite

Birthdays are full of presents, smiles, balloons, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, and your favorite cake.  For most of my birthdays, my mom has made my favorite chocolate cake recipe – Toney Jepsen’s chocolate cake, to be precise.  Toney was a friend of my great grandmother and her legendary cake recipe has been passed down through the generations.  On […]

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Not quite as pretty as a poppy(seed)

Grocery stores are dangerous places to be when you’re hungry.  You can’t be blamed for your actions or how many goodies end up in your basket.  So of course, Boy and I couldn’t blame ourselves when we ended up with lemon poppyseed cake amongst our veggies and fruit.  And naturally that meant we had to […]

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Dreidels, Latkes & Toas-Tites

‘Tis the holiday season!  With Thanksgiving and turducken Toas-Tites behind us and Christmas a-coming, we find ourselves keeping with the celebratory theme with this week’s Hanukkah Toas-Tite.  So with a l’chaim and a happy Hanukkah (particularly to Girl’s step mom, little sister, and sister-in-law), we give you latke Toas-Tites! Hanukkah (or anytime) Latke & Applesauce […]

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Top Toas-Tite: Green, Sweet Fruit

For our second Improv Toas-Tite in honor of Top Chef, we had the words green, sweet, and fruit.  There are a lot of green fruits – kiwi, honeydew, avocado…but how many would do well heating up in a Toas-Tite with some kind of sweetness?  We decided to go a little more conservative on the green […]

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