Joe, Deborah, and the WISCO

Joe and Deborah reached out to us quite some time ago.  They have an electric Toas-Tite in their family!  Deborah’s family had five in their restaurant and one of those ...

Egg Toas-Tite

For Emma and Rosemary: A Perfectly Cooked Egg Sandwich

Emma and Rosemary are twin sisters who have fond memories of making Toas-Tite sandwiches after school in the ’50s.  They originally found us back in 2009 and we have loved ...


Raspberry and Brie Toas-Tite – Two Ways

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, we want to share our love.  Boy has one amazing sister and a fabulous brother-in-law.  I have a wonderful brother, a dazzling sister-in-law, and a brilliant ...

The Latest From Toas-Tite Recipes

Reader Tamar Yaron and a proposal for mobile Toas-Tite carts

One of our readers, Tamar Yaron, recently reached out to us with her plan to set up a fleet of mobile carts to sell sandwiches.  Tamar is looking for folks who might be interested in helping her business get off the ground. I want to set up a cooperative of mobile carts or trailers or […]

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Burritos and Quesadillas: The Toas-Tite Way

Any time Boy and I go on a road trip, our go-to is Mexican.  I think I’ve Yelped “burritos” more than almost anything else when we’re on the go. So of course, it was high time we posted a quick recipe for burritos and quesadillas. Burrito Toas-Tite Ingredients 2 flour tortillas 2 tbsp of rice […]

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The Babycakes Pie Pop Maker: Mini Pies or Mini Toas-Tites?

One day, I got an email from Sur La Table that they were having a sale.  One of the items on sale caught my eye immediately.  It was the Babycakes Pie Pop Maker. I had to have it. The manufacturer describes it as, “The Babycakes pie pop maker bakes sweet and savory bite size pies […]

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Apple Sauce Toas-Tite

Michelle and Her Mom, Ida: Apple Sauce Toas-Tites

On the theme of catching up with emails and recipes from readers, here’s a lovely one we received from Michelle. After seeing the article about the newly re-minted Toas-Tite I got very nostalgic as my mother had at least one and gave one to me when I got married, 44 years ago. I still have […]

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Electric Toas-tite_feature

Photos: Sondra’s Electric Toas-Tite

After sharing with us some of her family history with Bar-B-Buns and the Toas-Tite, we are so lucky to be able to post some photos of Sondra’s own electric unit and even more of her story. From Sondra: My brother reminded me today that our Dad was the last person left on the line assembly at […]

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Joe's Bacon and Egg Brekky Jaffle

Bacon and Egg Brekky Jaffle Recipe from Joe in Australia

One of our fellow jaffle / toastie / pudgy-pie afficionados, Joe,  from Australia wrote in with his favorite recipe. I thought I would share one of my fav jaffle recipes with you, its fairly simple but fantatic on a camp with a morning coffee: Bacon and Egg Brekky Jaffle Ingredients: Thick slices of toasting bread […]

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Toas-Tites on a cooling rack

Electric Toas-Tites and more Bar-B-Buns history

Some of you may know that Boy and I have long been curious about the electric Toas-Tites…what they look like, how they work.  It’s a bit of Bar-B-Buns history that we have only heard tell of on the rare eBay listing. Then recently, all that changed when we received an email from Sondra D.  I […]

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Dear Toas-Tite, I’m sorry it’s been so long

To say it’s been a while is an understatement.  “It’s been far too long” doesn’t quite do it either!  The last 9 months have been hectic – new jobs, new baby niece (I say she shall eat Toas-Tites! …when she has teeth).  But needless to say, after a long hiatus from posting recipes and other […]

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Low Sodium Reuben Toas-Tite

Low Sodium Reuben Sandwiches – Love Your Heart Recipe Rally

Once upon a time, while Boy and Girl were making Toas-Tites at their house, there lived another Boy and Girl in the same city…a Sodium Girl to be specific. Not only do we live in the same city, I am lucky enough to call Sodium Girl (and Boy) family. While the name may deceive you, […]

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Waffle Delicious

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  And waffles are delicious no matter what time you’re eating them.  My great uncle gave my grandfather a waffle iron a while back.  After my grandfather passed away last month, Boy and I brought home the waffle iron for safe keeping.  So in […]

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